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Limitless Products Care

Limitless Jewellery Care

It is completely natural for sterling silver to oxidize over time when it’s exposed to air. Use a lint-free, 100% cotton cloth to give the piece a gentle wipe and it will shine right back up! You may also use it to lightly polish your yellow & rose gold plated pieces, if needed.
Our jewellery is made with quality, environmentally sustainable materials, so that each of your Limitless pieces lasts forever. 18k gold, rose gold, silver over a blend of surgical-grade stainless steel. All of our earring posts are made of hypoallergenic steel as well. 
What's your secret?
It took almost three years of blending metals to find the best combination of materials to create our pieces with.We want our creations to become your favorite pieces, and last long enough to gain sentimental value.
Though our gold plating is beautifully thick and it’s certainly tempting to wear your Limitless Jewellery all the time, we recommend removing when doing any of the following activities excessively:

  • Showering, bathing or washing your hands.
  • Exercising (the salt in your sweat affects the plating)
  • Applying perfumes, lotions, oils etc.
  • Swimming (chlorine can often have a negative effect on plating over time)
  • Cleaning - especially with harsh chemicals

If you’re unsure whether it’s a good idea to wear your jewelry in a given situation, we recommend choosing the safer option and remove it!
Following these practices help to guarantee a longer life-span of your jewellery!

 Limitless Phone Cases Care

Clean with damp cotton or microfiber cloth. Add a drop of dish soap to the cloth if needed and wipe the soap down with a clean, damp cloth.