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FAQ and Shipping Info



Below you can find the most frequently asked questions, which are some common concerns of our clients before or after making a purchase. If you have any other questions, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you!

 1. What are the shipping times for your products?

  • We take 2-10 days to process your order and then 2-8 weeks to deliver it to you. This mainly depends on your location, you may receive your order earlier. Please allow an extra 10 days during busy periods (e.g. Christmas, New Year.). We hope you agree these slightly longer delivery times are easily offset by the great prices we can offer to you. We appreciate your patience! 


  • Here is our estimated shipping time depending on where you are located. We are not responsible for customs. 

 2. Where do we ship our products from? 

  •  We source our inventory from serval locations within Canada, Europe, and Asia. In order to keep our inventory affordable, fresh, and up to date with the latest styles we have a centralized fulfillment center in Asia that all of our products ship from.

 3. Do you provide tracking information?

  •  Yes, you will receive an email once your order ships that contain your tracking information. Please wait 5-10 days after you have purchased your product. We will send the tracking information to your email!

 4. I am missing some of the items in my order, what is going on?

  •  Our items are shipped separately depending on your order. If your order contains items from two warehouses, it will be two shipments. The rest of the shipment will arrive shortly.

 5. I have not received my order yet. What is taking so long?

  • We apologize for the delay. Sometimes International Shipping can take longer due to customs clearance. You can track your order and see where it's at right now.

 6. Do you have a refund policy?

  •  We try our best to resolve any issues customers have with their products online but if you want a refund for your products then we can do that if done within 10 days from the date of purchase, and a valid reason for the return.


7. For watches slightly scratched or damaged:

For watches slightly scratched or damaged:
That does not affect the overall aesthetic (such as marks on parts where the watch won't be seen ie. clasp, underneath the watch, on the sides etc)

  • A partial refund will be offered as compensation from 10-50% depending on damage, upon discression of the support staff
  • Or a discount code for a new watch depending on the compensation amount above
  • Unfortunately we can't always garauntee compensation for this condition: as we cannot determine accurately whether or not the condition was caused by mis-use or by damage during transit


For watches with LARGE damage:

That can be easily seen (such as broken glass, large chips in the glass or not functioning)

  • Our team can offer a partial refund from 50-100% depending on the damage if you choose to keep the watch.

  • Or we can offer you a free replacement which will be processed as a new order with any colour or design you wish.

  • If you choose neither of the above options: We will need the watch returned to our Australian Warehouse for inspection before we issue you a full refund (instructions will be given by customer service staff)

  • For Sale items such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free, The watches value will be calculated at $16.70 USD per watch for orders containing 3,6 or 9 watches.


Question not on this list? Need help with anything else?

Contact us at and we'll reply within 1-2 days!